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The Key Elements to Consider When Creating an Article for your Blog

“Content is king”, we’ve all heard what seems like the digital marketing industry adage. Have you decided to join the content is king bandwagon? If yes, then welcome aboard!

Let us show you the ropes of how we do blog post writing and what key elements we consider important – and you must too

  • The Audience How well you know your audience will be a crucial factor in determining the success of your content. If you know who you’re writing for, you can create a buyer persona. Through a buyer persona you can create relevant, helpful, and personalized content. This content will build a loyal audience and generate regular traffic to your website.

  • The Title Choosing a title can both be the easiest part and the trickiest part – it depends on how you work your way through it. After you have chosen the topic of your article, start narrowing it down to a title that targets a specific area of interest. Specificity attracts quality. Remember, quality over quantity is the rule you want to stick by. For example, when we started writing this post, our subject matter encompassed ways to help people write an article. To have a working title, we narrowed it down to specific “elements to consider when creating an article.”

  • Content Organization Your readers are busy people. How will you engage them? Through organization. Let it be 1000 words or 100 words, a clear and understandable format must be followed so that your reader doesn’t get lost or confused and inevitably abandon your content. A few nifty ways to structure your content are bulleting, paragraphing each time you state a new idea, and subheadings. Also, try to display a smooth transition from the introduction to the main body, followed by a conclusion. Psst! Notice how this article transitions.

  • SEO optimization + social media = double fun SEO optimization and social media marketing are two peas in a pod that work best when together. Writing an SEO friendly article is not enough if it isn’t interlinked with your social media strategy. So while you sprinkle those keywords, make sure you have integrated social sharing.

In a nutshell… content is king only if you know the right ingredients. And this was our recipe for it. What do you think?

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