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The Importance of high like and follow numbers on social media

The debate on “getting followers and likes vs. engagement” is one that never ceases. What most people don’t realize is getting (buying) followers/likes and user engagement, are like two peas in a pod. For success, both have to work in harmony. Here’s why you should have a high like and follow number on your social media:

Encourage engagement If your business is new and has very few followers, you might want to get Instagram followers or get Facebook likes. 


When people discover your page, these followers and likes will serve as an encouragement to engage with your page and content.

  • It garners attention When your post or your page gets a like on Facebook, it shows up in the newsfeed of the friends of that person. If that person likes your content, it further shows up in the newsfeed of that person’s friends. Do you see a trend here? Likes attract likes. With each new like you get, your content is exposed to a bigger audience.

  • Credibility Let’s face it: whose services would you trust more? A Facebook page that has more than 10,000 likes or page that has a 1000 likes? If your brand has a greater number of likes, people visiting your page are more likely to take your services seriously and try them. Build credibility with likes.

  • Free advertising and promotion You can pay to launch an ad campaign for better visibility of your product and page or you can get more followers and likes to leverage the social media’s algorithm. With more likes and followers, you have a shot at free promotion and advertisement of your content. Want to know the best part? It will be you your loyal fan base doing this promotion.

Give your brand the boost it needs through more followers and page like with our sister service at Boost Social.

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