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Improve Customer Engagement With These 5 Simple Tips!

In this article, we look at how you can improve customer engagement and drive more traffic to your website. Customer engagement is when someone interacts with your brand across email, social media, and, yes, your website. So if a customer has commented on a post, sent you an email, or clicked a link on your website, for example, they have engaged with your brand.  The main goal of increasing engagement would be to increase your customer reach and in turn sales.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways that you can increase engagement now for your business:

1. Use social media to interact

Apparently the average person spends 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media every day. Therefore it is the obvious place where you can start interacting with your customers. You can share links to articles you have written, ask for opinions of products, or what your customers would most like to see from your brand, post polls and surveys and host live video events! Just make sure you are being creative and fun! 

2. Write content that resonates with consumers

It is thought that after you write 51 blog posts, you can expect to see a 77% increase in your overall traffic. It really is valuable to add blogs and weave good content into your website. Just make sure you are focusing on the content that most resonates with your customers. Specifically, it's essential to know what goals and values of your audience and their pain points. Write about tips and tricks, guides, or even industry overviews to increase engagement.

3. Use email personalisation

This one is so useful because emails allow for personal interactions between brands and users, which leads to more overall engagement across all platforms. There are lots of ways you can add personalisation into emails. Use customer birthdays to send them an offer with their name up in lights in the subject, or look at their last purchase and send them a specific product related email “just for them”.  

4. Include chatbots on your website

When people visit your page and have questions, they expect a way to get answers, and chatbots can give them just that. Chatbots are also great as they help you reach more potential customers. Try something simple like triggering a popup that asks a customer if they have any questions. Since you initiated the conversation, the consumer is more likely to engage with your brand. 

5. Add feedback forms to find areas of opportunity

What better way to encourage engagement than asking for feedback?  Feedback forms come in all shapes and sizes, and they all offer benefits for your business and consumers. You could start by creating a simple form on your website that asks users to rate your brand. It's a good idea to listen to this feedback and give you an area of focus!  If customers love your brand but feel your website is hard to navigate, for example, make the changes and post an announcement so the people who participated know their voices were heard.

Hopefully, now you are equipped with 5 ways that you can really boost customer engagement which will eventually lead to an increase in brand loyalty and sales!  This makes for a simple but effective strategy and one you should put into practice as soon as possible!

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