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Avoid making these common SEO mistakes and really Boost your optimisation!

When it comes to SEO, there are no strict rules, and thus it is becoming more and more complex to ensure an optimised website. Business owners are wanting their SEO strategy to yield results however we are seeing some common mistakes that are being made without realisation of just how impactful they can be. Read on for the 5 most common SEO bloopers and how we can help you avoid making them, in order to really boost your optimisation with Boost!

1. Website Migration - no redirect.

One of the top mistakes business owners make is to not redirect to your new website during migration. This can be very impactful on the overall ranking of a website. As long as we are aware of a migration, we can help by advising you to ensure you or your developer has put a redirect in place. Redirecting can be quite tricky to do and we advise using 301 and 302 for permanent or temporary redirects respectively.

2. Major website changes - we need to know!

The second most common mistake that a business owner can make is to not inform us about any major website changes. Any changes that are made to a site will directly affect not only the website ranking but the overall SEO performance as well. So please do keep us posted about any changes that your Web Developer makes asap! Some examples of major website changes that you may have made and not informed us about could be as follows:

- Removal of any particular part of your website.

- Any update to content

- Changes made to the URL structure, site structure or user interface

- Changes in the functionality of your website.

- Changes made in the primary landing pages of your website.

- Migration of hyperlink from HTTP to HTTPS.

The above are all examples of the major changes that you should inform us about to ensure you get a higher ranking, traffic and revenue but please do let us know about any changes at all, be them big or small!

3. Lack of quality content

In SEO world, content is King, so trust us when we tell you that if you want a top-ranking website then you have to make sure the quality of your content is high. Do not compromise on this, even though it can take a lot of time and hard work, it will pay off as low quality content will negatively affect your ranking. Make sure the content of your site is relevant so that people can find what they looking for. This will avoid a high bounce rate which is something that flags up as a bad sign. Also if your content is good, those looking at your site will spend more time there reading and hence helping to improve your ranking.

4. Lack of solid strategy

A lot of time and hard work may be going into your SEO campaign, however if there is no solid strategy in place it will inevitably fail. Our sister service at Boost366 has a 3 Step SEO strategy which is our blueprint for a successful SEO campaign. See details here You can help by ensuring you set out clear goals and objectives, check reports regularly and act upon any suggested changes.

5. Having low loading speed

Loading speed will affect the ranking of a website and also the bounce rate. If you have a low loading speed you have to focus on this as it is a major factor negatively impacting a websites SEO performance. It may be due to a service error, a faulty code or design, but whatever the issue you will need to fix it.

Here at Boost we are passionate about maximising your results, and believe if you can avoid making any of the aforementioned SEO mistakes, we can really drive optimisation and help your business thrive.

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