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3 simple steps to fire up your SEO

As an entrepreneur, you will be fully aware of the importance of investing in digital marketing if you are wanting your business to succeed. However, this can be difficult to know how to budget for.

As 93% of internet traffic originates from a search engine, it is crucial that your website is properly optimised. It is essential that you take steps to ensure that your SEO is up to scratch and you have the highest possible change of getting traffic via natural searches on the search engines. Investment at this point will pay off huge dividends in the future.

Whatever your budget is for your SEO, we have a range of amazing options to help you both optimise your website and make your site look more popular via building backlinks and a buzz on social media.

All of our campaigns include the 3 core steps below to ensure a great grounding for your SEO:

Step 1. The On-Site Assessment

We make sure your site is relevant to your search terms and search friendly

Using a unique piece of software, we’re able to re-enact what a search engine does when it crawls your site. The full results and what needs to be done will be included within your first report. Any changes that we recommend will take either you, or your web designer, no longer than an hour to complete. Don’t worry, if you get stuck we can carry out these changes for you.

Step 2. Search Engine and Directory Submission

We make sure your website is crawled over and indexed

We submit your site to every search engine in the world. Search engine submission is a process of letting the search engines know that your website needs to be crawled over and indexed. We will also submit your site to a list of carefully selected directories. This will help lift the overall profile of your website and at the same time create some direct relevant traffic.

Step 3. Link Exposure

We build and then maintain a portfolio of natural, relevant inbound links. At no additional cost you can opt in to link exposure during sign up. Link exposure, also known as link building, is generally considered the most important on-going part of an SEO campaign. Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site. These are called backlinks, and the more backlinks your site has, the higher it will be ranked. Link exposure is 100% white hat because our partner webmasters will only place a backlink if they feel a site has relevance, and crucially they’re not obligated to place any link. This combined with the frequency that we aim for, which is between 300 and 500 back links every service period, means you have no chance of being penalised by any search engine. We’re so committed to your SEO being white hat that we even include, at no added cost, our unique negative SEO alert system which guards against anyone running a negative SEO campaign against your site.

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